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Welcome to Midwest Crating

Midwest CratingEverything You Need and So Much More

Any professional export crating company will promise you packaging in quality, protected crates. Of course, at Midwest Crating, you’ll get this same quality product. But you’ll get so much more.

Success Is In The Details

Your company’s crating and shipments are vital to your success. If your shipment isn’t on time, its condition won’t matter. If you spend your company’s resources to coordinate timely crating and shipment, you’re still not coming out ahead.

The Midwest Crating Advantage

That’s where Midwest Crating comes in. Our reliability and customer support are unrivaled – giving you the peace of mind that your goods will be ready for successful shipment with none of the headaches.

Crating needs arise on the weekend?
We’re there for you. (Even if it means working seven days in a week.)

No time for travel?
We’re on our way to your site.

Have a specific crating question?
Our knowledgeable professionals know your company and even your name! With years of industry experience and compliant crating for even the most sensitive goods, no job is too big or too small.

Ready to see how you can succeed with Midwest Crating?

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