Containerization & Packaging


For every packaging and crating job, Midwest Crating Unlimited has the skills and takes the time to safely and efficiently pack and load your product for shipment.

During containerization, our design team measures and analyzes your product to figure out what size and how many custom crates to build, and how many containers will be needed to fit all crates to be shipped. We order the containers and when they arrive onsite, we load them with the packaged crates, and provide braces and blocks using ISPM-15 compliant lumber, which prevents the crates from shifting in transit. Our team evenly distributes product weight, and makes sure maximum weight guidelines are not exceeded.

If Midwest Crating Unlimited is packaging products into crates for you, we will typically use lumber to block and brace goods within the crate, sometimes wrapped in protective foam as needed, to prevent scratching. We will place delicate items such as CPU components and medical instruments on a shockmount base to absorb bumps in transit and avoid any damage resulting from rough treatment or jarring weather. Every export package is given a Cortec™ anti-corrosion film wrap for added protection. Our quality and service are unlimited

wood crate Containerization