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About Our Custom Crating Company

Midwest CratingYou Know You Need a Crate. What Else Do You Get?

As strange as it seems, at Midwest Crating, we don’t focus on crates. We believe you should simply expect a quality crate: one that’s compliant, protected, and properly documented. That’s a given.

Instead, we focus on service and support.

Established in 1998, Midwest Crating brings together years of industry experience in crating and in customer care. Owners Jim and Mark have maintained customer relationships that date back more than 20 years. Our clients know they can trust us. And we think trust is more important than any product feature could ever be.

Your Success Is Our Success

We’re successful when our crates arrive in good condition. But our biggest victory is when our clients are successful, too. When our clients know they can rely on us, we’ve done our job.

We’ll overcome just about any obstacle. Our staff works on packing solutions of every size. They work on weekends and with short notice. You can even choose to have our staff work at your location.

Name your job. We’re up to the challenge.

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